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OCTOBER 18, 19, 20, and 21st, 2018

Because of the large number of submissions and the high amount of wonderful films we received, we have added an additional screening day! All screenings are free for the public, and are followed by a short Q&A. Light refreshments will be available. Concurrently, “Urban Array”, an exhibition of paintings by Cynthia Chatman, is on view. Please visit crownheightsfilmfestival.com, the festival website.

Click here to view the full program with images and short synopsis.

Thursday, October 18, 7pm - Total run time: 1h 45 min

Tin Can, Pat Battistini, USA, 20’00”
The Uninvited Guest, Yong Uk Yoo, Korea, 09’00”
Free Pot, Kinder Labatt, USA, 02’32”
Blood Sisters, Gabriel Grant, USA, 12’31”
Hipsters Go Home, Eden Ayala, USA, 08’12”
Ao Final da Conversa Eles Se Despedem com Um Abraço, Renan Brandao, Brazil, 20’00”
Progressive Therapy,
James Bruffee, USA, 07’40”
Beyond Our Mountains, Madeline Johnson, USA, 12’44”
Nana's Room,
Mitch Roberson, USA, 11’23”

Friday, October 19, 7pm - Total run time: 1h 47 min

Never Forget, Mark Agar, Ireland, 14’47”
Abeo, Brenda Lopez, Canada, 07’01”
Heather Has Four Moms, Rani Crowe, USA, 14’08”
I Waited For You, Manny Serrano, USA, 08’51”
Lunch Time, Pouria Mousavi, Iran, 15’53”
It's Called Gentrification, Travis Wood, USA, 02’23”
Welcome to the World, Albert M. Chan, Canada, 07’00”
Ani, Keren Nechmad, USA, 16’47”
Fight Night, Giorgio Miraflor, USA, 05’21”
Are You Volleyball?, Salar Sadoughi, Iran, 14’54”

Saturday, October 20, 7pm - Total run time: 1h 10 min

Selective Memory, Caleb Murphy, 10’07”
Jabari Keating, Stacey Larkins, USA, 09’59”
Pastiche, Cynthia Chatman, USA, 20’00”
9 Steps, Marisa Crespo, Spain, 07’16”
A Journey in America ,
Maribel Garcia, 07’06”
Es Confuso, Matthew Bernard, USA, 05’10”
The Mall,
Kat Mustatea, USA, 04’20”
The Last Embrace,
Saman Hosseinpour, Iran, 04’00”

Sunday, October 21, 1pm - Total run time: 1h 40 min

Voice Of The Monolith, Bryan Edwards, USA, 13’00
Last Christmas, Uta Seibicke, Germany, 13’00”
Temptation Of Saint Francis, Johnnie Semerad, USA, 06’02”
Back Home, Haruka Motohashi, USA, 12’50” 
The Secret Lives of Teachers,
Judith Eisenberg, USA, 12’15”
Our Way to Fall,
Zoey Peck, USA, 05’00”
A Call To Action,
Deborah Miller, USA, 08’00”
Federico Schmukler, Argentina, 07’33”
Rhett Bradbury, USA, 11’16”
Lance J. Reha, USA, 10’50”

The Crown Heights Film Festival (CHFF) brings exceptional local and international short films to the Brooklyn audience. We encourage all filmmakers to apply to our open call: narrative, animation, documentary, and cross-disciplinary/experimental films will be selected and presented during three evening screenings. Films must be in English or with English subtitles, and must be no longer than 20 minutes. The submission fee is $10.

The submission deadline is August 15, at 6pm. Please read the guidelines before sending us your work. Click on the button below to submit!








Take 2, 3, or 4 trains to Franklin Avenue. Walk two blocks against the traffic on Franklin. Walk ¾ block to 558 St. Johns Place. FiveMyles is within easy walking distance from the Brooklyn Museum.

Abeo,  Brenda Lopez

Abeo, Brenda Lopez

Fight Night,  Giorgio Miraflor

Fight Night, Giorgio Miraflor

Heather Has Four Moms,  Rani Crowe

Heather Has Four Moms, Rani Crowe

Nana’s Room , Mitch Roberson

Nana’s Room, Mitch Roberson