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#BlackGirlLit: Between Literature, Performance & Memory

#BlackGirlLit: Between Literature, Performance & Memory is an evening of performance art that brings together the work of Boston-based artist, curator and writer Dell M. Hamilton alongside the work of: Ayana Evans (New York/Chicago), Tsedaye Makonnen (Washington, D.C.), Marcelline Mandeng (Baltimore/Philadelphia), Helina Metaferia (San Francisco), and Bryana Siobhan & Kal Gezahegn (Boston).

Riffing off the hashtag anthem #BlackGirlMagic coined by fashion designer & blogger Auntie Peebz and the double meaning of the term “lit” - (short-hand for ‘literature’ or ‘to turn up’), Hamilton has organized this performance art program to feature work that pivots off of the written and oral traditions of black feminist/womanist frameworks. As such their artistic practices as well as collective cis/trans/queer subjectivities grapple with and against representations of language, blackness, gender, and performativity to connect the echoes from the past to new narratives of the present. 

Image: Dell M. Hamilton, Linger, Medicine Wheel/Spoke Gallery, Boston, 2013. Photo credit: Lee Thurston