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Super Like, a performance by Trigger Warning

Super Like is a multimedia performance piece that plays on the skewed new American Dream for Latin immigrants in the United States. The story follows two overweight bouffons; Miguel & his sister Michelle, new to this "great country" and desperate to "fit in." Using American weight loss culture as a means to assimilate 'outsiders,' Super Like aims to highlight the dangers and losses of transformation; assimilation--using pointed, tongue in cheek & absurdist physical comedy and dance.  

"Trigger Warning" is a queer, Latinx, multimedia dance/performance duo created by Rebecca Hidalgo and José Rivera Jr. Trigger Warning premiered their first iteration of "Super Like" in a workshop format at Neu West Berlin in Berlin, Germany in July 2016. In December 2016, TW performed a dance/fashion/art installation piece at Gizmodo Media created by designer Diego Montoya. Their live piece "Stuffed Animals" was performed at Undiscovered Countries' Infinite Festival in Brooklyn in January 2017. In addition to live work, Trigger Warning creates original digital media. IG: @wearetriggerwarning