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Techweek Performances at FiveMyles

As part of Techweek NYC, Yuliya Lanina will be performing her 20 minute multi-media piece, Not a Sad Tale. The animation and Lanina’s live performance are synchronized with original music by the award-winning Russian avant-garde composer, Vladimir Rannev. The presentation blurs the line between on-stage reality and its sublimation on screen, as the artist shapes her art “in her own image”, endowing it with all her strengths and her flaws. 

Australian drummer and composer Alon Ilsar will perform a piece on the AirSticks; a custom built gestural instrument that allows him to grab, squeeze and throw sound and visuals

Blake Carrington would be performing A Weak Force That Binds, a 20 minute album and performance using the artist’s “CScan” sound engine Architectural plans of a variety of structures, both religious and secular, are scanned in real-time to generate rhythmic sound.