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Performance: "The Art of Hijab, Kohl Black and the Right Way to Pray"

The Art of Hijab, Kohl Black and the Right Way to Pray is a performance inspired by YouTube beauty and hijab styling tutorials for the Muslim woman; shared stories of the Koran, Torah, and Christian Bible; and playwright Sarah Badiyah Sakaan’s culturally diverse upbringing in Memphis. Using multimedia, testimony, nonlinear narrative and culturally diverse and cross-gender casting, Polybe + Seats examines gender roles, faith, identity, and Islam in the United States.

After a multi-year development process supported through residencies and the Rough Draft Festival at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Creative Space grants through ART/NY, re-grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council, and a community partnership with the Arab American Association of New York, Polybe + Seats is proud to present the full-production of this politically relevant and prescient work at FiveMyles.

Directed by Jessica Silsby Brater. Performed by Sarah Sakaan,Aizzah Fatima, Denise Turkan, Elaine O'Brien, Nuah Ozryel and Shetal Shah. Designed by Karen Boyer, Gavin Hecker, Cate McCrea, and Leslie Smith. Stage Managed by Gabriel Caldwell. Production Managed by Carl Whipple. Produced by Elaine O’Brien, Natalie Robin and Polybe + Seats.

FiveMyles does not sell tickets. All proceeds are raised by Polybe + Seats.