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3rd Screening: Crown Heights Film Festival

An evening of short films from Brooklyn and beyond!

Pastiche, Cynthia Chatman, USA, 20’00”
Selective Memory,
Caleb Murphy, 10’07”
A Journey in America ,
Maribel Garcia, 07’06”
The Mall,
Kat Mustatea, USA, 04’20”
The Last Embrace,
Saman Hosseinpour, Iran, 04’00”
Jabari Keating,
Stacey Larkins, USA, 09’59”
Es Confuso,
Matthew Bernard, USA, 05’10”
9 Steps,
Marisa Crespo, Spain, 07’16”

Total run time: 1h 10 min followed by a short Q&A
Free. Light refreshments will be available.