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Staged Reading: "A" Black. Girl. Both. Neither

By Taji Senior.

16-year-old ‘A’ is at war, battling herself and the world around her.  She takes comfort in her relationship with God, her patient and compassionate friend who offers ‘A’ stillness and a listening ear. But just as she thinks she’s finally come to understand her own existence, God goes missing leaving ‘A’ to confront an antagonistic Narrator whose true identity may lead her to the peace she so desperately hopes to find.

Inspired by George Bernard Shaw's The Adventures of the Black Girl in Her Search For God, 'A' is the story of a person, searching inside and outside of herself simply to understand herself. That search is filtered through a lens of black girlhood. ‘A’ hopes to ask and answer the question: Who has the right to self-creation?

Taji Senior is a journalist, writer and performer based in Austin, Texas. Her latest work AMENDMENT, which explored the ways in the which the U.S. Constitution defines and denies the humanity of people of  was produced as part of Salvage Vanguard Theatre’s Works Progress Austin May 2017 series. Her credits include TWENTYEIGHT (Gale Theatre Company), Doper than Dope (Heckle Her), Comedy of Errors (Austin Shakespeare Company)  and the We Are film series (B.B. Araya), which is currently streaming on the Issa Rae Productions (Creators of HBO’s INSECURE) digital content site.



Written and Performed by: Taji Senior

Directed by: Matrex Kilgore

Dramaturgy: Leah Braithwaithe