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Performance: Lavi Miyò

Ansanm by Isabel Hanson, 2015

Ansanm by Isabel Hanson, 2015

Created by Veroneque Ignace, Kriyol Dance! artistic director, Lavi Miyò is a collaborative dance, music, and visual arts project that employs storytelling and Haitian traditional music, dance, and oral history. Lavi Miyò centers the creation of work on the terms resilience, resistance, power, and empowerment and their implications on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. The event will include a visual arts exhibition of painting by Nathalie Jolivert. 

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About the company: 

Founded in 2016, Kriyol Dance! is a collective of artist-leaders working together to create one platform advocating for the unapologetic voices of Black arts, and Haitian culture in particular, through collaborative and unified work and intervention. Each artist participating in the collective creates original work focused on the preservation of Black diasporic culture, Haitian culture, and the promotion of Haitian life through engagements arts including, but not limited to, artistic work that involves community voices, community issues, and the Haitian state of affairs. Artist-leaders work to develop innovative and multi-pronged approaches to use art as a tool for commentary as opposed to simply entertainment.  Importantly, as members of Kriyol Dance!, we hope to make normative discussions of Haitian culture that do more than harp on the Haiti’s poverty. We aim to continuously place the focus on discussion of Haitian lives both in-country and abroad.