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Staged reading of "Paging Doctor Faustus"

“Welcome to the staged reading of  'Paging Doctor Faustus'

A fragmented, surreal phantasmagoria about war, returning soldiers and the care, or – tragically – lack of care, they receive returning home. A nightmare cabaret set in the psych ward of a VA Hospital.

A collaborative project by: Paul Genega (writer), Patricia Lee Stotter (writer/composer), Mary Chang (director), Elise Tak (imagery), Mark Pinto (imagery), Don Rebic (composer)

With the actors: Dion Graham, Anne O’Sullivan, Ilene Kristen, Carol Jacobanis, Gregory G Schott, Deborah Unger

Jozias Henderikse (sound design engineer), Tanya Gupta(videographer), Liesbeth Nieuwenweg (graphic design), Anita Sugimura Holsapple (tech support).

Special thanks: John Faulk,
Special acknowledgment to Hanne Tierney ,Marine Cornuet  of Five Myles Gallery
Image credit: Marvin Dunbar in 'Pent Up', © Elise Tak, 2019”