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in flux festival: Three Movement Performances

Andrea Haenggi: Weedy Islet Sensations on stage

This is a dance practice where wild urban plant sensations become the motor for performance. The artist’s alter-ego performer Artemisa and the Weedy Islet travel around the stage. Ne touches, smells and talks and needs the audience in order to make sense to dance the thought of sensations with nir inner monologues.

Bell and Clixby

The working body creates a vernacular for ways of being - in movement, in rest, in hunger, in relationship to its environment or surroundings, or to its directed task. These states of being are mediated through sculpture forms into a taxonomy of gesture to be systematically enacted upon. The sculptures act as decoys, minimalist forms which belie their purpose and utility as sites of toil.

Sari Nordman: Tough, mysterious, sensitive
Video: Shane Solow

Utilizing an approach that is both sensitive and empathetic SN has examined women’s relationship to nature and its landscapes with all the vitality and frailty that this engenders. Landscapes contain the memory of those who’ve passed through them and with her approach she feels that she can sense these other lifetimes. The ancient roles of women as goddess, priestess and warrior queen have been obscured if not forgotten. In the work she is looking to reconnect with a lost matriarchal past to better understand the possibilities of feminine aesthetics today.

in flux is a festival of new performance work, produced by FiveMyles and organized in conjunction with the BRIC Biennial. Performances takes place over 5 weekends: November 11 &12, 18 &19, and 26, and December 2 & 3, and 9 & 10, 2016.
Crown Heights-based artists investigate all aspects of performance work, including puppetry, dance, theater, poetry, and live music.

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in flux festival: "Carrefour"
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