January 6 - January 28, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday, January 6, 5-8pm
Panel Discussion: Sunday, January 28, 4pm

Everything you Do is Perfect

New Paintings by Nina Meledandri

In the Plus/Space

With this body of work created in 2017, Meledandri returns to a strict painting practice.  Navigating the events of the past year, she confronts challenges both political and private through exploring the tension between implied constraint and expressive gesture.

As an abstract painter, Meledandri is often guided by color, with the cornerstones of her work being exploration of process and daily practice. Her engagement is a visceral one; consisting of confronting boundaries and a commitment to discovery through the physical manipulation of surfaces. She thrives to make the unseen, the forgotten, the (collective) unconscious palpable for the viewer.

On December 28, Nina Meledandri will be in conversation with psychoanalyst and great teacher of Freud, Loren Dent, about the origin and meaning of images that speak of our human commonality, and about the potential role of the artist as a revelator.

Exhibition Statement:

The paintings that comprise “everything you do is perfect” were made during 2017, a time that for most of us was punctuated by changes and challenges. As I worked to rebalance and refocus, to absorb external demands that were both political and personal, my work in the studio shifted dramatically.  I started painting larger for the first time in years and I found a sense of possibility in my inner landscape that was new to me.  As priorities came into focus and fears were grappled with, discoveries, some serendipitous, others hard won, were made.

A year ago “everything you do is perfect” would have been an unfathomable title for an exhibition of my work, today these words have become a mantra, helping me to parse the world I find myself in and the relationship of my process to it.

About the Artist:

Nina Meledandri is a painter and a photographer living in Brooklyn NY. A native New Yorker, she has shown extensively throughout the NY area and was represented by the David Findlay Gallery in NY where she had 2 solo shows. For the past 20+ years she has been committed to working in watercolor every day and she considers this daily practice to be the cornerstone of her work.  In recent years her focus has been on creating works that bridge the gap between her abstract paintings and her photographic images. 


Thursday through Sunday, 1pm to 6pm; or by appointment. 


Take 2, 3, or 4 trains to Franklin Avenue. Walk two blocks against the traffic on Franklin. Walk ¾ block to 558 St. Johns Place. FiveMyles is within easy walking distance from the Brooklyn Museum.


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