Exhibition Program

FiveMyles presents five to six exhibitions a year, each of them four to five weeks long. Often curated by outside curators, the exhibitions showcase the work of emerging artists along with the work of older, well-established artists. Both solo shows and group exhibitions are part of FiveMyles' programming. All exhibitions are scheduled at least one year in advance. 


This program offers our venue, free of charge, to emerging, young artists, musicians and performers for unfunded short-term events and exhibitions, in-between our scheduled exhibition programming and during the summer months, when the gallery would otherwise be empty. Events often take place on the wide sidewalk outside FiveMyles.
The on-going demand for the use of the FiveMyles gallery space through this program is indicative of the need young artists have to expose their work to the public, and of the difficulty of attaining it in New York. Making space available helps the arts retain the vitality and energy of a young generation of artists, and to encourage innovation and experimentation.
Proposals are reviewed by our artistic committee. We favor projects that are risk-taking, require minimal setup, and make effort to connect with the audience. 

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The PlusSpace is a 100 sq. ft refurbished garage that presents one-month exhibitions for work that requires a more intimate space. This program has its own schedule, separately from Exhibition Program main openings.

Interlude Project

The Interlude Project featured rotating exhibitions on the 500 ft.-long construction wall adjacent to FiveMyles, on St. Johns Place. The exhibited art was laminated work on paper, and up to 8 different artists could be presented at one time. This public art project was made possible thanks to the generous support of the Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation and of Philippe Chambon.
This program ended in March 2017, as the construction came close to completion and the wall was constantly being moved and taken down.
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